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Riktr Pro Massage can be healing, cat-like, relaxing flowers or deep tissue bodywork for sports injuries and muscular and or emotional pain. (We all have holding patterns in our bodies according to Ida Rolf and John F. Barnes.) Nicola, LMT

Nicola of Riktr Pro Massage is a practicing licensed insured professional LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) and fine artist based in Santa Barbara, CA. Nicola has a wide range of female and male clients, including athletes, professionals, housewives, artists, landscapers, out of town visitors, people who are retired and students. He is very flexible in scheduling appointments at his studio in Santa Barbara. You can also make appointments at Holistic Centers in Santa Barbara, Buellton, Key2Fitness plus Nicola offers In or Outcall Mobile Massage in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Montecito, Carpinteria, Summerland, Goleta, San Ynez Valley, Buellton, Ca.

  • “If you appreciate high-quality bodywork or just want to RELAX and go to “LA LA LAND” call Riktr Pro Massage.  Are you a serious athlete and need EXTREME bodywork or “FIX IT” work, weekend warrior, stressed out professional or student? Maybe you are going through tough life issues, have athletic injuries or just want to keep that body tuned up and healthy? Then you have finally found your Santa Barbara Licensed and Insured Pro Massage Therapist. Nicola will always personalize your massage session to fit your physical and emotional needs.”
Our Journey in Life
Our Journey in Life


Riktr Pro Massage offers a wide range of services, including:

In Call Massage @ my Studio or 3 Other Locations in the Tri-Counties Area

Mobile and Out Call Massage to your Location

Massage Modalities

Active Engagement (AE)

Art Massage (Active Release Technique) 

Ashiatsu,  Shiatsu Massage

Athletic Event Massage

Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage

Barefoot Shiatsu Massage

Chair Massage

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT)

Cross Fiber / Deep Transverse Friction Massage

Compression Massage, Ischemic or Static Pressure

Cupping Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

Healing Massage for Depression and Anxiety

IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation

Manual Lymphatic, Drainage Pump, Lymphedema

Mechanical Vibrational Massage

Muscle Energy Technique (MET)

Myofascial Release Massage

Nerve Mobilization Massage

Neuromuscular Therapy Release Massage

Orthopedic Massage  (OM) 

PNF Stretching (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) 

Post-Operative / Surgical Massage

Reflexology Massage

Relaxing Massage

Scar Tissue Massage

Sports and Injury Massage

Sports Stretch Massage, Fascial Stretch FST & Self Stretching

Swedish Massage

Trigger Point Massage

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Craftsman With a Capital C

July 28, 2002|GINNY CHIEN


For glass artist Brian McNally, ‘Craftsman’ is a proper noun. For the past 30 years, the Santa Barbara resident has been creating decorative pieces that faithfully adhere to the Arts and Crafts movement’s fundamental principles of high-quality workmanship and solid design.

‘There’s a look to Craftsman-style glass that just calls to you,’ says McNally. He lives in a Tudor bungalow appointed with a central arched hearth and turn-of-the-century furniture and toils by day in his outdoor studio. ‘The warmth of the color and the light that emanates through a piece of opalescent glass brings a certain peace to me.’ This keen affinity for the aesthetic of William Morris and Gustav Stickley attracts discriminating clients from across the country who commission McNally’s lampshades, door panels, skylights and other glass accents for Arts and Crafts bungalow restorations and decorating schemes.

Each of McNally’s one-of-a-kind designs begins with a detailed drawing that evolves into a pattern, which he transfers onto hand-rolled glass. The process often involves extensive research, whether it’s delving into the archives of Santa Barbara’s Museum of Natural History to perfectly replicate Chinese magnolia petals or gathering gingko leaves to better choose between varying shades of green. A single lampshade can take McNally several weeks to build.

It’s a painstaking approach that he relishes. ‘I think we all need a little bit of the Craftsman ideal in our lives as opposed to the plastic throwaway culture that seems to dominate Southern California,’ says McNally, who also collects antique glass lampshades and art pottery from the Craftsman period. ‘I have no patience for the junky craftsmanship that’s put into a lot of stuff nowadays.’

In keeping with the philosophy of the Arts and Crafts movement, which blossomed in England during the late 19th and early 20th centuries in reaction to the dehumanizing effects of the Industrial Revolution, most of McNally’s work features an earthy motif such as trees or flowers. His style is also reminiscent of Art Nouveau glass master Louis Comfort Tiffany, whom McNally admires for his use of bold colors and refined materials. ‘Mr. Tiffany is the granddaddy of glass artists,’ says McNally, who earned a master’s degree in glass blowing from UCLA in 1972 (the degree is no longer offered).

McNally, 54, developed an eye for Craftsman art while growing up in the San Joaquin Valley. ‘I had the good fortune of being around family members who had these objects in their homes,’ he says. However, it was the women in his life who proved to be the biggest influences. His mother, who studied art in college, died at the age of 27, and his grandmother shared her portfolio with McNally years later when he expressed an interest in becoming an artist. ‘That was a wonderful thing for my grandmother to do,’ he says. ‘Seeing those works from my mother really inspired me to pursue something creative.’ Brian McNally, (805) 687-7212

Specialties, History


With fine and meticulous detail Brian has been creating traditional, custom designs using lead, leaded glass, copper foil, and zinc since 1975. Brian specializes in skylights, lamps, and windows as well as doors for both commercial and residential buildings throughout the United States.

His background is as a ceramist and glassblower. At UCLA, as a glassblower, he was awarded the first-ever Masters Degree in 1972. He completed his formal education with a Master of Fine Arts Degree at Rhode Island School of Design working under glass artist Dale Chihuly. He currently resides in Santa Barbara, California and is doing private commission work across the country. He is a licensed contractor in California.


Established in 1975.

Welcome! If you have been looking for someone to bring your project to life then Brian McNally is the one you have been looking for! Brian McNally has been Santa Barbara’s premier custom glass artist with over 40 years of experience.

Locally owned and operated since 1976, Brian McNally has been providing excellent workmanship, reliability, and professionalism to the residents and businesses of Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas. Brian McNally has been using a technique of hand rolling to create art pieces including church stained window pieces, skylights, lamps, spiral staircases and hanging lanterns. All of Brian’s work is a one of a kind art piece!

Please call to discuss your next project! We are a fully licensed contractor in California # 769887.

Meet the Business Owner

Brian McNally

Business Owner and Licensed California Contractor

I started this business out of graduate school in 1976. My background was as a ceramics major and glass blower.  I worked on graduate degrees at both UCLA and RISD.  I worked under Dale Chihuly at RISD and received my Master of Fine Arts Degree in 1975 in glass.